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5 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Business Branding

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5 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Business Branding

Blog by Lauren Hong

At Out & About Communications, we love working with brands to create seamless branding. Below are a few easy tips to tighten up your business branding.

#1 - Create a Style Guide

A style guide is a great way to ensure your branding is uniform across all platforms-- online, print, and in various documents. At the basic level, a style guide includes all of your branding color codes (CMYK, HEX, RGB etc.), fonts, and logo variations. This is a great resource for designers, printers, and web developers who help produce your branding pieces.

#2 - Business Email Address

Create a business email addresses for your team. For example, your email could be name@yourwebsite.com. This helps to polish your brand, and it looks more professional than a name@gmail.com/ hotmail.com/ yahoo.com email address. We recommend creating a business email through Google Apps for Work (~$50/per user per year).  With Google Apps for Work, you’ll have all of the features Gmail offers and more. Click here for details.

#3 - Matte Business Cards

As much as we love the plastic, glossy, and dark colored business cards-- you can't beat how practical and affordable matte business cards are. When you're out meeting folks-- esp. at networking events with tons of people-- it's not uncommon for others to write on your business card. As a graphic designer by trade, writing on business cards makes me cringe. I, however, am guilty of writing on cards to help me remember the conversation/ who I talked with. The plastic, glossy, and dark business cards are pretty, but they just aren't as practical.

#4 - Uniform Headshots

We recommend working with a photographer to take uniform headshots for your team. These photos can be used on the website, LinkedIn profiles, award nominations, speaking bios, and more. We recommend having the photographer take a team photo and photos of your office to use on the website. Fabulous photos are a great way to sell you and your services!

#5 - Keep up with Social Media

If you're going to have a social media page (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) make sure you keep up with it. Social media is a great way to connect with folks online, build your network, and keep others updated. If you're going to open an account, make sure you're posting and posting content that aligns with your brand and audience.

What are your favorite tips to enhance your business branding?