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Outsourced Marketing: Scale Your Business with Zero Additional Overhead

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Outsourced Marketing- Scale Your Business with Zero Additional Overhead

Face it. There aren’t enough hours in the day to be an incredible CEO or COO and the head of marketing at your firm. The mental bandwidth it takes from jumping from dealing with operations to putting on a sales hat is daunting. Adding marketing management into that equation simply does not compute. Senior leadership at firms who are strapped for time reach out to us often. They know their need for marketing strategy and want to implement it, but they need the right team in-house.

What will my ROI be?

It is difficult to predict true marketing ROI. As you know, sales do not come overnight. It takes time and trust to build relationships. Staying top of mind with prospects is key. Our job is to bring you qualified prospects, drip on them, and help best set you up for the sale. We manage the strategy, the communications and all of the marketing tactics so you can get back to doing what you love.

How do you calculate ROI?

We secure public relations feature that can be calculated by the ad spend or audience reached. We track the number of incoming leads via form fills and email captures. You’ll regularly be updated on your analytics reports. This way we can further track the health of your marketing to ensure that we are on track and growing the appropriate marketing indicators. You know that when marketing aligns with sales, this can help to tee up qualified leads, educates prospects, and strengthens client retention and referrals.

Where do I start with marketing?

Truthfully, there isn’t a one size fits all or plug-and-play formula for every business. We need to sit down and understand who your target market is, what your goals are, and what you are already doing to stay top of mind. Once we put together our game plan, we might need to build out marketing materials – think a client welcome packet, e-newsletter template, or downloadable resources. These tools help to free up the marketing operations so that a campaign can run smoothly behind the scenes.

Do I really need a team?

We often see firms make the mistake of hiring a single entry level person to create and implement their entire marketing strategy or only having a Director of Marketing be the “marketing department” of one. In both cases, this individual usually has about 60% of the skillsets to get the job done. It is not fair to ask them to be an expert at everything. They are going to need a team of specialists to really execute and ensure your marketing is as professional as it can be.

How do projects come together?

Once we’re into the campaign work, you’ll see a full team come together to complete the production. Our business model is built on the belief that one person can’t do it all. It truly takes a team of specialists to ebb and flow with the various tasks. For example, take the workflow creation of a brochure:

1. Strategist/Manager: Outlines the overview for what should go into the brochure and ensures that it aligns with sales and the voice of the target market.

2. Copywriter: Drafts content for the actual brochure. Content to be checked by the Strategist and Marketing Coordinator for edits.

3. Graphic Designer: Designs the brochure with the final content from the copywriter and takes visual direction from the Strategist.

4. Marketing Coordinator: Reviews the final document and prepares it for print and other useage.

Sure you can have the Strategist/Manager role do all of this, but are they really a copywriter or graphic designer? Do you want your firm to be playing at a JV level or are you ready to kick it up to varsity?

Why should I outsource my marketing?

We know it isn’t realistic for most small businesses to hire a department of 15 people and only use their skills as needed. We also know that most small businesses really need a strategist, copywriter, graphic designer, web developer, search engine optimization expert, public relations guru and more. This is expensive. That is where we come in.


Who will I work with?

When you work with us, you’ll have a marketing manager who will oversee the strategy and work with our team of specialist to execute on all of the tactics. Even better, everything we do is 100% for you. You own all of the content, marketing collateral, brand and more. We treat your work as if it was our own firms. In fact, you might even mistake us as a member of your team.

What do I gain?

We often talk with leadership who are staring down a fork in the road. They can plateau where they are at or figure out how to scale. Just like every business pivot, marketing is an investment. You, however, will gain time, have a professional brand and communications, and a growing pipeline. Like an investment, marketing matures over time. Marketing, especially for professional services firms, takes time to formalize the communications, build trust, attract and convert prospects and regularly be top of mind.

Is it better to outsource my marketing or hire a Marketing Director?

If you’re hard over on bringing in someone in house and taking on the training and overhead costs of an employee, go for it. If you go this route, we advise hiring a director level marketer and budgeting to bring on a specialist for web design, graphics, content creation and so on. You can’t expect one person to do it all and for it to be done right. After all, you know that your business was built on bringing in the right team and network to help you scale. Just like how you scaled your business, a Marketing Director will need the right team of specialist to help further scale the strategy and professionalize the deliverables.

Does it really work?

Building brands and marketing is our thing. We have:

  • Taken businesses from outdated brands stuck in the 80’s to making their website their #1 lead generation source
  • Helped firms attract and close new business that was once not on their radar
  • Helped senior leadership earn back their time
  • Moved businesses from being nonexistent on search to being in the top 3 search
  • Cut bounce rates in half and increased time on sites
  • Helped firms attracted new business online and close business with the right sales tools

We know what it takes to build brands, attract qualified leads, and help your firm climb that next mountain and the higher mountain beyond it.

How do I get started?

We are ready whenever you are. It really starts with a strategy call to understand your goals, challenges, and budget. From there, we’ll put together a customized proposal to start the next step to scale your business. We hope you will you’ll join us for the ride.

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