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Get to Know Hannah, Marketing Account Assistant


Hannah attributes much of her growth to an important lesson delivered by her father before she headed off to college: “Learn how to learn.” These simple words have carried her through milestones and continue to motivate her every day.


A Student For Life

Born and raised in Encinitas, it was a big leap to move to Colorado away from family and friends to attend Colorado State University. With her dad’s wise words in her ears and an outgoing personality, Hannah was determined to squeeze out the most of her college experience. She connected with her professors and was in love with her journalism classes from the beginning. However, Hannah realized so much of what is learned from going away for school occurs outside of the classroom. Completing her degree in the middle of a global pandemic, Hannah had to find a way to teach herself as classes moved online. She developed a strong self-motivated learning muscle that she puts to use in all aspects of her life.

What You Can’t Tell Just From Looking at Her

After graduation, Hannah spent a month and a half traversing Europe, starting in Ireland and moving through Croatia, France, Spain, and more! The travel bug hit her hard and she loves the idea of being a travel journalist and sharing her travel experiences with others. Hannah also has a love for cooking that she shares with her father. Together, they get creative in the kitchen for quality father-daughter time.