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Get To Know Shannon, Brand Coordinator

Welcome Shannon

With a servant’s heart, Shannon believes in the power of helping others and spreading positivity. These are core values she brings into every relationship she cultivates as well as those she’ll build as Brand Coordinator.

Primed for A New World

While building a successful 10+ year career in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, Shannon eagerly wore various hats—managing deliverables and creating marketing strategies as well as pulling together the support to bring those strategies to life. This experience built up her repertoire and her ability to adapt to shifting needs. In her new role as Brand Coordinator, Shannon is excited to be the conductor and take the lead on projects from start to finish alongside the client. 

What You Can’t Tell Just From Looking at Her

As a mom of two with a third on the way, Shannon is enjoying rediscovering the magic of childhood. Whether it’s taking nature walks or playing tourist in their hometown, getting outdoors is always a priority for her and her family. Shannon is looking forward to getting back to cycling after the baby is born, but in the meantime she loves grounding herself with a new audiobook as often as she can.