Get to Know Taylor Deleon, Our Brand Coordinator

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 Taylor Deleon believes in the power of being a good listener. For her, listening is an opportunity to be inspired by the people she’s surrounded by; it’s a chance to build trust and let go of total control to achieve something great as a team.


Soaking Up The Story

Graduating from the University of Connecticut in 2018, Taylor landed at MIT in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as its marketing and communications assistant. Submerged in the technical world of engineering, she energetically took up the challenge of bridging the gap between complex ideas and the everyday world. Taylor’s thirst for discovery and learning was highlighted by her assignment to cover the story of 16 MIT students as they traveled for three and a half weeks through Italy to learn about ancient civil engineering. This experience resulted in her falling in love with traveling and promoting others’ stories.

Looking for warmer weather, Taylor packed up for the West Coast and began an exciting role as San Diego State University Alumni’s digital communications specialist. Creating impactful crowdfunding campaigns to support on-campus organizations, she was excited to see the growth her work was able to produce. Her ability to capture the story and vision of our clients’ services combined with her results-driven strategies made Taylor a perfect fit for our team.

What You Can’t Tell Just From Looking at Her

Discovering indoor volleyball in high school, Taylor found herself going all in on a sport for the first time. Little did she realize volleyball would be the pathway for her to continue to connect with like-minded people and build a community around her. From the indoor courts of the East Coast to the outdoor leagues of the West Coast, Taylor continues to love the gift of teamwork and friendship the sport has given her.