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Spotlight: Meet Daphne Jordan, Wealth Advisor at Pioneer Wealth Management Group


This week, we were able to speak with Daphne Jordan, a wealth advisor at Pioneer Wealth Management Group. She was driven to this field by her desire to educate, advise, and guide individuals, families, and nonprofits. Daphne has worked as business manager/financial advisor for almost 20 years and currently serves as a board member for the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.

To learn more about our On Purpose guest, please visit www.pioneerwealth.com or linkedin.com/in/daphnejordan/


How do you stay relevant? Can you recommend any publications, podcasts, etc.?

My favorite podcast is “No Stupid Questions” with Stephen J. Dubner and Angela Duckworth. “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller, a book I’m currently reading, reminds us of the power of a story. Stories captivated us as children; they still hold our attention as adults. Properly crafted, your client becomes the protagonist, and you’re present to help her achieve financial goals while identifying problems and gaps as villains. Amanda Gorman’s poem, “The Hill We Climb,” adds a nice touch of inspiration in any season. Finally, chatting with other advisors, to hear about their pain points and solutions, allows me to keep a pulse on what others are thinking in the industry.

What makes you proudest about working for your company or in the finserv industry?

This is a helping profession—or at least that’s how I view it. We help our clients understand financial lingo in an approachable way. We help our clients reach their reasonable goals and are straight with them about the unreasonable ones. The advice we offer will have a ripple effect on their lives and in many cases, the lives of their children. I’m proud to work for a firm that has such a desire to help others with their financial lives.

What is the most unpopular opinion in the industry, and how do you address it?

In general, I believe clients should put the proverbial oxygen mask on themselves first and apply this belief to prioritizing their retirement savings over saving for their child’s future college expenses. A fellow advisor friend pointed out that in some cultures, education is the priority, and it would be considered an insult to craft a financial plan that doesn’t take this sentiment to heart.

Now, if you don’t mind, I will flip the switch and address a current popular opinion: that it’s difficult to find and retain diverse talent. I encourage firms that think this to change how they find advisors. I had the honor of leading a committee in the National Association of Personal Financial Planners space in creating a Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit that includes an informative guide and several relevant, short videos featuring national financial thought leaders. This toolkit is a great resource for firms looking for ways to find new talent. It can be found here

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