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Meet Olivia, Our New Digital Marketing Assistant


Olivia Tobolewski believes in always putting maximum effort into everything she does. This comes from her background in theater, where the standard was, “if you don’t give it your all in rehearsal, you aren’t going to give it your all on performance night.” 

Now, Olivia brings this level of commitment and energy to Out & About as our new Digital Marketing Assistant.


From the Stage to the Office

Olivia graduated in 2019 from Rider University. She majored in theater and dance but took every opportunity to learn about marketing throughout her time in school and beyond. At the onset of the pandemic, she really started to evaluate her future, specifically her professional career. At the time, she started working with friends on a theater blog and fell into the role of “brand coordinator.”

Then, when the opportunity presented itself to join a small team in a marketing capacity, she took it—and hasn’t looked back! While Olivia says the stage will always have a piece of her heart, she’s excited to begin her career on this path doing something she loves. Most of all, she’s eager to put her passion for storytelling to work and help smaller firms tell their not-so-small stories.

What You Can’t Tell Just From Looking at Her

Whenever anyone asks Olivia what is an interesting or fun fact about herself, she always says the same thing: “I speak Polish!” Olivia’s parents immigrated from Poland, and she grew up speaking the language in her home and attending Polish school regularly. 

We’re thrilled to have Olivia join us! Learn more about her and the rest of our team on our team page