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What It Means to Partner With Our Clients


We have great news! We recently found out we won a Gold Hermes award for our Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign for Coastal Payroll. We’re so grateful — for the award, which is going to look great in our office, but even more so for the dynamic relationships we have with our clients that allow us to achieve this recognition.

Hermes Creative Award Trophy - Gold

The Story Behind the Award

We started working with Coastal Payroll about a year and a half ago. The company had a really firm concept of who it was as an organization, its company culture and its unique identity. Team members knew what made Coastal stand out — but they weren’t necessarily leveraging that voice and sharing the message clearly.  

From the start, our relationship has truly been a partnership. We’ve gotten to know various team members and departments and developed a solid understanding of their goals as an organization. We’ve come alongside, as an extension of the company, to work through the team’s changing needs — daily. Everything we do is about driving toward the goals we establish — and tweaking or overhauling as company and department goals change.

With that level of trust, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot, including:

  • Regular e-newsletters and emails
  • Video series
  • Social media posts
  • Website optimization
  • Marketing collateral
  • Lead and referral partner engagement
  • Events communications
  • And more (a lot more)

Strategic Outlook

As we developed a relationship within the organization, working directly with the sales team has been key to our success. It’s more than just building an attractive campaign. We talk with team members to get an idea of their goals — as well as their interactions with potential customers, pain points, hesitations and common questions, and conversions. This helps us build a strategy that actually drives numbers.

Having Fun

At the end of the day, Out & About Communications and Coastal Payroll are first and foremost about people — and doing great work for them. One of the best parts about working with clients like this is our ability to really dig deep and create exciting content that converts. We all end up having a great time and developing concepts, even as we geek out a bit about the things we’re passionate about.

Thank you to Coastal Payroll — and all our clients — for entrusting us with your message and letting us work our magic to help you reach your target audience. We’re excited about lots of new projects on the horizon and can’t wait to see what comes of them.

Come learn more about how we can make these things happen for you. And follow us on Instagram to stay up on all that’s going on with us.