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Spotlight: Meet Chloé Moore of Financial Staples

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The Out & About Blog Spotlight Series elevates voices from the financial service industry’s best and brightest. We cover challenging topics around diversity, inclusion, purpose, and inspiring the next generation. 

Through sharing insights and best practices, together we can shape the future of the financial services industry and support improved access to qualified, ethical financial advice and resources for all.

For this week’s spotlight, we interviewed Chloé Moore, CFP and founder of Financial Staples, a financial planning firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Chloé Moore-01What made you decide to pursue a career in finance?

I stumbled across financial planning by accident. I started college as an athletic training major and quickly realized it was not for me. My counselor was a financial planner and head of the CFP Board certified program at my college. I decided to give it a try and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve always been good with money, I enjoy crunching numbers and solving problems, and I find joy in helping others. Looking back, I realize that a career in finance is my calling, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

What part of your work gives you the most satisfaction?

So many things come to mind… where do I start? I love seeing the light bulb go off in a client’s head when they have a major breakthrough that allows them to see their money through a different lens. It’s also satisfying when clients reach major milestones, whether it’s paying off their student loans, enjoying a guilt-free extended vacation, or buying their dream home. Knowing that the advice and guidance I give can literally change the trajectory of someone’s life is both powerful and rewarding.

What needs to be done to diversify the financial services industry?

Solving the diversity problem in financial services is a complex issue that needs to be attacked from many angles. I believe the best place to start is threefold: understand where we are, acknowledge that there is a problem and understand how we perpetuate the problem. There’s no shortage of evidence to show that we’ve had this problem for some time and there are benefits to supporting diversity. A perfect storm of recent events has led to a long overdue awakening. People who often turned a blind eye (whether on purpose or unknowingly) are now listening and having tough conversations. I have hope that these small steps are a start down the path of long-term change.

What advice would you give financial professionals just beginning their career?

Learn as much as you can and strive to be the best. You never know where your career will take you, so going beyond your job description and soaking up knowledge helps in the long run. I also believe in mastering your job, no matter how small it may seem. Sometimes, those starting out want to grow quickly. It’s important to focus on being the best you can be at each level. You’ll eventually grow, and when you do, you’ll have more of an appreciation for those who come behind you.


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