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Spotlight: Meet Jason Phillips, Chief of Staff at Onramp Invest


Throughout my career, I have loved helping businesses make informed decisions using analytics, but I consider my work to be more consultative than strictly quantitative. I like to think I can operate effectively on both the art and science sides of business. Leadership is one of my favorite things, and I believe I have grown into a strong coach with effective abilities in empowering people to realize their potential. On the personal side, I love skiing and am learning to play guitar.

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What makes you proudest about working for your company or in the finserv industry?

For many reasons, I couldn’t be more proud to work at Onramp Invest. We have an incredibly talented team and are building a solution that will help advisors navigate the emerging cryptoasset space. What makes me most proud is that we have a mission to lead with purpose by putting community first. Our CEO, Tyrone Ross, does not spend time talking about the money our firm will make, but instead reminding us of all the good we will do for the industry and beyond.

How is your company positioning itself for long term success?

We’re positioning ourselves for long-term success by preparing for future competition in a space where none currently exists. Onramp’s strategic roadmap is geared toward integration, partnership, and diversification of revenue streams to ensure we are the go-to for advisors interested in cryptoassets. We are also planning for future pricing pressures, namely the pressure of "freemium models'' across the industry. You get a moat by building one on purpose. We are committed to doing that.

How does your company use measurability or checks and balances to ensure it is aligned with strategic business goals?

We were a pre-product/pre-revenue firm until May 25. However, we have created a strategic roadmap. Like all firms, we have to review and adjust that roadmap, but more often than established firms do. We have objectives in place that are designed to keep us aligned with strategic business goals. At this stage, many of those goals are simply standing up something from nothing. The initial goal is to set clear objectives, and then it will be focused around the refinement, stability, scalability, and improvement of those objectives. Every objective has an owner who drives accountability, determines a due date, and defines measures of success.

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