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Marketing Tools for Non-Profits

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Marketing Tools for Non-Profits

We admire the work non-profits do and we know other companies love it as well. We've spent some time compiling a list of list of awesome tools that provide non-profit discounts or pricing. If you work for a non-profit, we highly suggest you take up these offers!

Social Media Management
Buffer - All Buffer plans are 50% off for nonprofits.
Hootsuite - They offer registered nonprofit organizations a 50% discount on Hootsuite Pro.

Mailchimp - Extend a 15-percent discount for Nonprofits
Campaign Monitor - An easy way to fundraise and connect with their contributors. They offer a 15% discount to non-profits.

Other Tools
Google Tools - As a member of Google for Nonprofits, you'll have access to premium Google products that are free for organizations like yours. Check out the link -- there are TONS of benefits!
Facebook Resources for Non-Profits - Check out this page for tons of Facebook for Nonprofits tips to help your cause and build your community.
Sales + CRM - They offer Nonprofits $8 per user/mo (vs $12).
Google Ad Grants - Google Ad Grants makes it easy to launch effective campaigns, with advertising solutions designed for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.

Donation/Fundraising Platforms
PayPal - Discounted rates for registered 501(c)(3)s.
Google Wallet - After initial setup, Google Wallet will allow donors to easily repeat donations in a few clicks.
Razoo - Crowdfund for nonprofits
CrowRise - Raise money for any cause that inspires you.