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Social Media & Blog Buff

Social Media & Blog Buff

We've pinned some fabulous social media and blogging tools for you to check out. Some of our favorites include...

Vector vs Raster: This graphic is a great 101 on vector vs raster files. Next time your printer asked for a vector file, you'll know what to send them. Also, this graphic is a great tool to reference when saving your images.

Media Kit Tips: Bloggers who are looking to advertise or attract media need a media kit to pitch their offerings. If you're looking for tips on how to make a great kit, check out this pin.

SEO Step by Step: SEO helps direct people to your site. Check out this guide for a 101 on how to implement basic SEO into your site. Also, if you're looking to better understand how to use blog categories vs. tags, check out this pin.

Best Days to Post: Have you ever noticed that the day and the time of day your post impacts the number of likes, clicks, and retweets you receive? Check out this graphic that outlines the best days to post.

Facebook Apps: Want to add apps to your Facebook page? You'll need to design some graphics and upload (101 on how to add apps and upload graphics here).

For more tips, check out our Social Media and Blog Buff Pinterest board here. What are your favorite social media and blog tools?