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Welcome to Nadia, our Digital Marketing Assistant

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Nadia Perry recently joined our team as our Digital Marketing Assistant. She brings her great visual design sense to a wide range of projects and we’re grateful for her passion and drive.

Seeking Growth
Over the years, Nadia has learned to see a blend of audacious creativity and everyday realism in herself. Rather than seeing a dichotomy, she embraces these two extremes and employs them to help those she serves. This means seeing the big picture while digging into the details.
Nadia dove into the world of marketing with us because she loves helping people find success. Whether that means an individual or a whole brand, Nadia appreciates all the components that come together to achieve growth for a company.

Getting Out And About
That sense of helping others is at Nadia’s core and extends past her work hours. Something a lot of people don’t know about her is her love for the country and people of Romania. She has visited four times, serving in an orphanage while there. There are people in Romania she considers family and she’s always looking forward to the next time she can return. One of her adventurous goals is traveling to South Africa for a safari.

A Few Favorites
To get to know Nadia better, here are a few things she loves.
Food: Tacos and French fries
Movie: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”
Show: “Friends”
Music: All kinds — she has a degree in music business

“Do it with passion or don’t do it at all” is Nadia’s motto. She believes in going all in when she’s working on something, and we’re happy to have that energy on our team. Welcome, Nadia.