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Personalized Approach to Marketing.
Informed by Financial Services Expertise.

We love working with financial services companies that bring excitement to the table, but we understand not everyone engages in the same way. We have experience with clients on the sidelines making play calls alongside us and others that pass the baton and check in only when needed. Our financial services clients’ needs vary and we’re happy to accommodate.


Step One:


We start by listening. It’s critical we understand the business objectives so the marketing strategy can plug into your long-term company game plan. With your insight into where you are now but also where you want to go, we will circle back with a recommended high-level strategy and tactical game plan to help guide next steps. This often includes research and branding alignment to ensure each piece is in place. Nothing we do is cookie-cutter or off the shelf. We understand your business goals, personality, and target are unique. Learn more about the services we offer here.



Step two:


Once we are aligned on our strategic roadmap, we get into the assignment piece. Here, we action the game plan agreed to. In some cases, this is kicking off a campaign; other times we get into a website redesign or looking at your marketing at-large to execute on a number of tactics. Regardless, all deliverables are driven by the strategy and game plan to ensure brand alignment. Along the way, you’ll hear updates from our team and we look forward to feedback as we prepare to roll out deliverables. Learn more about our results here.


Step Three:


Once we have executed on the game plan and have finished our ramp-up, we will be ready to launch. Launch could mean a new website, campaign, or marketing strategy. In sum, we’ll deliver the goods—and monitor how they perform. This step is ongoing. We are typically reporting back on data, adjusting our strategy, or scaling up the initiatives. Along the way, we are partnering as your business grows and needs change. For a deeper dive into our agency’s philosophy and process, check out our three-part series,
“The Four Rings of Marketing: A Primer for Mid-Size Businesses.” 

PNG Quotes

Lauren and her team are very qualified, professional, flexible, and fun to work with. They have consistently delivered high-quality results within budget that not only showed their talent, but their ability to align that talent with our culture and needs. Most recently, we asked for their help putting together a holiday video for our clients that was to be done under a very tight deadline. Lauren not only delivered a fantastic video on time, but was so accommodating and communicative throughout the process. I highly recommend Out & About Communications; the results, partnership, and experience will not disappoint.



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financial services companies on a path to scale.