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Welcome Ellie-01

<div class="post-body">As creative director, Ellie loves rolling up her sleeves to do deep dives into the marketing potential of financial services firms.

Defining and Redefining Finserv

With over a decade of design and art directing experience, Ellie brings balance supporting big brands such as Target and General Mills as well as mid-sized businesses through her work with traditional ad agencies. In her role as Out & About’s creative director, her passion lies in helping financial services firms build their brand equity in the marketplace. Unwilling to rest on dry, traditional marketing and branding tactics, Ellie believes in the unique potential for each of our clients to level up.

What You Can’t Tell Just From Looking at Her

Parents of two young children, Ellie and her husband dedicate themselves to finding cool and unique family experiences throughout Minneapolis. A Midwestern girl through and through, she looks forward to tending to her vegetable garden and their chickens with the kids during the summer. When the months grow cooler, Ellie proudly pulls out her power tools to tackle home improvement projects of every variety. </div>

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