How to Build Your Intellectual Property Knowledge as a Financial Service Company

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How to Build Your Intellectual Property Knowledge as a Financial Service Company

Learning the ins and outs of intellectual property (such as copyright and trademark) is an empowering step in business. While it initially might seem overwhelming, this knowledge will allow you to grow and scale your business with confidence and peace of mind.

What Exactly is Intellectual Property?

As defined by the World Intellectual Property Organization, intellectual property (IP) is creations of the mind protected by law. This ranges from literary and artistic works to designs, names, and symbols used in commerce. IP laws refer to national and international laws in place to protect and enforce the rights of creators and their IP.

What are the Benefits of Knowing About Intellectual Property?

Preserve brand recognition

Trademarking prevents confusion for current and potential customers. You want to make sure your logos, layouts, color schemes, and everything else that makes your brand unique are protected. With this protection, you’re able to stand out from possible replicators and make sure your message remains original to you and your firm.

Prevent SEO damage

Unfortunately, in our digital world, people commit what’s called “cybersquatting.” This is where they buy a domain name with your trademark in order to ransom it back or divert your customers. This can damage your SEO ranking and lose prospects. Knowing how to protect and defend your IP is the best way to ward off cybersquatters.

Know the difference between infraction and fair use

Understanding IP rules allows you to push your creative limits. You can let yourself be influenced by others, while being aware of what is an infraction and what is fair use. For example, facts are not able to be trademarked, but many design elements are.

What are You Doing to Protect Your Intellectual Property? 

Understanding how to protect your IP is not something small and mid-sized firms can afford to ignore. You want to be sure you are protecting your original innovations while not infringing on someone else’s. Consider doing trademark searches to ensure you are not violating an established trademark. You also need to register and enforce the protection of your intellectual property to benefit yourself, your business, and your customers.

Where to Get Started?

Luckily, there are several resources available to break down and explain IP, such as a free certification from HubSpot Academy for those with a HubSpot membership. Through the 25-minute training, Intellectual Property Training for the Solutions Partner Program, users can learn IP foundations, strategies for compliance, and additional resources for use in their own marketing and sales strategy. As a HubSpot Certified Partner, we are more than happy to support clients in setting up their Hubspot membership to get started. 

Learning intellectual property is just one component of digital marketing. Just as you want to keep up-to-date about changes to IP laws, you also need to keep an eye on emerging digital marketing trends. Find out more here.

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