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Spotlight: Meet Cameo Roberson, Founder of Atlas Park Consulting

Cameo Headshot-1Cameo Roberson, founder of Atlas Park Consulting, helps financial advisors and independent advisory firms build a way of doing business before “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” becomes the norm! After two decades in the client service trenches of advisory firms, she launched Atlas Park in 2018. Since then, she’s assisted in the development of over 1,000 workflows/processes across 30+ US-based fee-only and fee-based advisory firms. Cameo helps her clients create simplicity + process to grow revenue using a five-step roadmap that shows how to get everything done by having systems in place. Cameo is an editorial contributor for US News & World Report, Financial Advisor section, member of the FPA Silicon Valley, and Northern CA regional delegate for Females & Finance (F&F).

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What is one practical thing a company can do to market to a broader audience?

Find a niche group you want to work with. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but when you try to reach everyone, you appeal to no one. By targeting your ideal clients, your voice becomes louder, and you can cut through the noise. We're all bombarded with messaging. Too much of it and we shut down. If you can pinpoint your solutions to an ideal group, others will hear your message, too. This can position you for more business!

How is your company positioning itself for success long term?

Strategic, intentional networking. No one is successful in isolation. I am building relationships with service providers who also serve my ideal clients. I know what I'm good at and want to be a solid resource for my clients. By building relationships with professionals who my clients will need, I position Atlas Park as a strategic collaborator.

How does your company envision the future of the market you serve?


Consumers will continue to seek out qualified financial advisors for direction and the demand for these professionals will increase. It's a great time to build a business that can meet the demand, given professionals’ growth goals. Aspiring financial planners will have good job prospects in the coming years. One key area I see as an opportunity for growth is advisory firms taking the time to well-define, execute, and improve their business operations. No longer are firms tied to geographic location to work with clients. The sky’s the limit for firms that acknowledge and then build the right infrastructure to expand their reach.

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