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Spotlight: Meet Daniella Chuckran, Marketing Manager at Aspiriant

The Out & About Blog Spotlight Series elevates insight from the financial service industry’s best and brightest. We cover challenging topics around diversity, inclusion, purpose, and inspiring the next generation. 

Through sharing insights and best practices, together we can shape the future of the financial services industry and support improved access to qualified, ethical financial advice and resources for all.

Too often, sales and marketing can become disconnected. This is a particular problem in wealth management firms, where the sales tasks fall onto advisors’ plates. Today, we are spotlighting Daniella Chuckran, Marketing Manager from Aspiriant who shares an innovative approach to this problem. 

We want to hear about your business. Can you describe it in a nutshell? Who do you serve and how?

Aspiriant is an innovative wealth management firm engineered to serve affluent clients and their families for generations. We serve families, executives, and entrepreneurs who would like to align their finances with their values to live out their dreams. Aspiriant has $12 billion in assets under management, 11 offices, and 200 employees.


Aspiriant marketing team participating in a left brain activity - painting. 

How do you measure your company’s marketing success? What metrics do you track on a regular basis?

We use a quarterly dashboard with high-level growth KPIs in the areas of digital lead generation and brand. Under digital lead generation, we track leads generated, clients won, email metrics, and website metrics. Under brand, we track PR wins, awards won, and special projects.

Wealth management firms are unique in that they generally don’t have dedicated salespeople. Likely, client-facing advisors serve in that role. At Aspiriant, we have a clearly defined sales handoff and process that marketing and advisors follow for digital leads. The process is tracked and taken through an online workflow within Salesforce so certain steps are followed. Alignment takes training, communication, and accountability.

What is your favorite communication or marketing tool? Why?How do you work with the sales team to ensure marketing and sales are aligned?

Marketo is the most robust tool we use—it’s one of the best marketing automation tools out there to manage all marketing activities including: lead generation, emails, events, webinars, ad programs, and reporting. With it now falling under the Adobe umbrella, there have been improvements.

What publications and blogs do you read?

WSJ, The Skimm, HubSpot, MarketingProfs, Wired, and wealthmanagement.com

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