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Spotlight: Meet Morgan Simon, Founding Partner of the Candide Group

image1-Jun-07-2021-05-37-13-15-PMFor nearly two decades, Morgan Simon has worked to make finance a tool for social justice. Her book, Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change, has been featured everywhere from Harvard Business School to the United Nations. In 2013, she became one of the founding partners for Candide Group, an Oakland-based registered investment advisor that embraces activism to change the culture of money writ large.

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What makes you proudest about working for your company or in the finserv industry?

Candide Group works with families, foundations, athletes, and influencers who want their money working for justice. With 90+ companies and funds supported, the majority led by women and people of color, tackling challenges like climate change and inequality, we see so many great opportunities to pursue financial and social goals simultaneously.

How does your company envision the future of the market you serve?

We focus on private equity and debt, as that's where we see the most direct impact—whether it’s utility-scale solar on the Navajo Nation or a cooperative of formerly incarcerated Black women providing healthy meals for kids. We see more and more people wanting 100% impact across their portfolios and are excited to see impact investing grow. 

How does your company use measurability or checks and balances to ensure it is aligned with strategic business goals?

What we think about a lot is community accountability. How do we make sure we aren't just deciding the future for others, but are in direct relationship with the communities we claim to serve? This is a growing practice, and in general, a critical area for Candide Group's brand promise. Simply put, the definition of "impact" in impact investing must be set by those most impacted.

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