Does Your Brand Successfully Represent Your Financial Services Firm?

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Does Your Brand Successfully Represent Your Financial Services Firm

When was the last time you took a hard look at your brand? The tone of voice. The colors. The layout of your website. Does it represent the future of your financial services firm?

Your company is different from when your brand was first established, but has the brand evolved alongside? Consumers must be able to look at any part of your online presence—social media, logo, website—and understand who your company is right now. According to Action Card, it only takes 10 seconds for a consumer to gather their first impression of your brand. This is why it’s so important that everything comes together to create the perfect representation of your company and why you are the best firm for their needs.

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends

The biggest branding faux pas is to stay stagnant. While you don’t need an overhaul every month, it’s good to analyze your brand frequently to see where change is needed. Your company has changed in the last four years, so your brand should, too! Financial services should not equal a dull design.

  • Try using a serif typeface in your website header and a sans serif typeface in your body text for a dynamic feel.
  • Use a combination of warm and cool colors for a vibrant and attractive color palette.
  • Minimalism is in! Play with the negative space in your layout to see what looks the best.
  • Find out what type of websites your target audience visits to gain inspiration and design ideas.

Add flair and personality to your brand

While it is important to stay modern and trendy, it’s also necessary to use individuality to set yourself apart from the competition. Take a look at your firm. Are you classy and sophisticated? Maybe vibrant and energetic? Use patterns, shapes, and the tone of your copy to show what kind of firm you are, and why clients need to hire you.

Helpful tips for a new rebrand

Branding is a complex and detailed process, which is why it is common to hire out the process. If you are wanting to rebrand your financial services firm by yourself, here are some things to look out for.

  • Leave behind any preconceived notions. Financial services used to be very conservatively designed, but it is modernizing quickly. Don’t be afraid to explore!
  • Pay attention to who your target market is. Make sure the language and images you use are well-suited for the clients you want.
  • Use images, but use them wisely. Make sure the images you use show a diverse audience, and especially include your target market. If potential clients don’t see themselves in your pictures, they won’t think they are a good fit. Also, use internal photos when possible to humanize your firm.
  • Demonstrate who you want to become. “Dress for the job you want” does not only apply to clothes. Your brand can lead you down the path to the future you desire instead of keeping you stagnant. Make sure your brand can scale with you.
  • Be ready for change. Rebranding is an exciting experience, but it can seem intimidating. Don’t hold yourself back by being unwilling to revitalize.

Ready for a facelift?

Whether you’re wanting to change a font or two, or ready for a complete redesign, Out & About Communications can be a branding resource. For more encouragement, check out this video about the power of branding or this blog post with five ideas of small changes you can make to tighten up your brand.

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