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Meet Jimmy, Our New Marketing Director!


Jimmy Lim was intrigued by marketing before he even had a word for it. As a young boy, he always found himself examining products, fascinated by the wording of advertisements and affected by the way brands made him feel. 

When he got older, he could finally put a word to it: marketing. This fascination stayed in the back of his head as he attended college in Singapore to pursue a bachelor’s degree in sociology and English. After graduating, he was finally able to pursue his passion in the marketing world and now steps into the role as the Out & About marketing director. 

From Consulting to Finding a Team

When he started his career in Singapore, Jimmy worked in public relations before eventually transitioning to the marketing world. From there, he was involved in several major brand launches. He decided it was time to take what he learned working with major corporations to instead help small businesses reach their goals. When he moved to the United States in 2018, he launched his own marketing consulting service. 

Through his consulting work in the industry, Jimmy kept hearing about Out & About. In fact, he heard about the team and its positive energy before he knew much about the company. When the time came, he felt it was the best possible fit to make the transition from private consulting to working on a team. He’s excited to contribute his knowledge and skill set to develop strategies for clients and Out & About to reach new levels. 

What You Can’t Tell Just From Looking at Him

Jimmy started his career in the fashion and beauty industry. That experience fueled one of his personal passions: fragrances. Now, he owns over 60 bottles of different perfumes and colognes. Jimmy enjoys exploring different scents and plans to keep growing his collection!