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The Inside View of a Digital Marketing Firm: How We Work at Out & About

The Inside View of a Digital Marketing Firm- How We Work at Out & About

By: Lauren Hong

Here’s a little secret for you: We love to eat out. It’s one of the reasons we take immense pride in being located in such a foodie-friendly city (San Diego).

But there’s one thing that can really irk us when we get to certain restaurants: When the menu notes that *the kitchen makes no substitutions or exceptions.*

Now, we get it. Some restaurants do this for efficiency. Some do it because it’s cost-effective. Still others do it because they can get away with it (because they’re just that good).

But what if all restaurants operated this way? What if there really was only one way to get that burger; that salad; that fish dish?

To take it one step further: Can you imagine having to shop at one store for your clothes? Or drive one car with all the same bells and whistles as the next?

You wouldn’t settle for cookie cutter when it comes to your personal lives, belongings, or experiences -- so why would you when it comes to your business’ marketing strategy?

Because just like no two personalities, no two businesses are the same -- and yours shouldn’t be treated like just another small business. It’s a belief we hold in high regard here at Out & About, and one that guides our every move. Here’s how:

1. We provide high-touch, high-quality, custom services.

Each interaction we have is custom to you. You’re not placed in a funnel and herded from one step to the next. Whether we’re putting together a proposal, designing a website, or mapping out a marketing strategy, we’ll build a plan that’s tailored to how you like to work, and the timeline you’re working on.

In short: We work based on your needs, not ours.

2. We know what it takes to build a brand that resonates.

We’ve been -- and are -- there: Building a small business in a rather crowded marketplace. So we know that defining and growing a business that resonates with a loyal target market isn’t easy.

But at Out & About, we eliminate the overwhelm that comes with that, as we bring in industry experts who guide the conversation and strategy around identifying the key characteristics and storylines that make your business unique.

In short: We hone in on what sets you apart.

3. We assemble the team that best fits your needs.

Even our team isn’t cookie cutter. Out & About is made of up a team of specialists, from graphic designers to web developers, SEO to PR pros, and copywriters to marketing strategists -- to ensure each and every piece of your campaign is led by experts who know how to make it the best it can be.

It’s this harmony of specialists working together -- and the fact that you can tap into their expertise only on an as-needed basis -- that makes the deliverable uniquely fit to match your needs.

In short: Our menu of specialists is vast, and you can build your team how you want it.

4. You might mistake us as members of your team.

Our level of investment in your projects is high: We target to respond to all communication within 24 hours, we launch websites late at night so your users aren’t impacted, and we take and act on feedback often to keep improving.

In other words, we’re in it alongside you. We put in the hard hours, the difficult thinking, and the sweat it takes to go that extra mile. There’s no question too big or too small, and we’re here to be your arms and legs as they surface.

In short: We aren’t hired help -- we’re an extension of your team.

Simply put, we care.

A lot of companies say it; we mean it. At Out & About you can count on:

  • A custom approach to each and every project you work on with us, with timelines and detailed deliverables that match your budget and schedule.
  • A creative and thought-out solution to your challenges, that doesn’t come from a textbook.
  • A team of specialists brought in, as needed, to lend expertise to each aspect of your project.
  • A strategic game plan that we can help implement, track, and refine -- and a team constantly behind the work to confirm that your individual campaigns and ongoing digital storefronts shine.

In short: We care.

Don’t just take it from us

Here are some kind words from those we’ve worked with:

“I hired Lauren and her team at Out and About Communications to help me develop a brand and logo for my business. Throughout the entire process, everyone on the team was extremely prompt and professional. In our initial meeting to review logo designs, Lauren presented several different options. It took me a long time to decide which I liked the most because they were all creative, dynamic and conveyed a unique brand message. I was blown away by the high caliber product that they presented me with. Out and About over delivered on everything I asked for every step of the way. I will be a client for years to come and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for marketing services.” - Kelly Fisher, Insurance Agent

“I am so very grateful for the work Lauren and her team at Out & About Communications put into making our company's website stand out among the crowd. Lauren was so patient with us as we navigated our way through the creation of the site. What resulted was a beautiful finished product that we are continually excited to direct our clients to and has already attracted new clients! Lauren continues to assist us whenever we have a question about the website and is so accessible. It is nice to know that you have a person who cares just as much about your business in your corner!” - Sue Shrinkle, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at Coastal Counseling

In short: We’re blushing.

Order off your own menu

Don’t subscribe to a cookie-cutter approach for your marketing strategy and digital design. If you’re ready to work with a team that knows the value digital marketing can provide to your small business -- and one who particularly values high-touch, top quality, thoughtful design and direction -- look no further.

We’re your one-stop shop to help you grow and cut through the clutter, and we can’t wait to see how we can make magic happen within your small biz.

Call or email us, anytime. We read every email and are here to help!