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The Big Reveal: MJP Wealth Advisors' New Site

The Big Reveal- MJP Wealth Advisors New Site

At Out & About Communications, we love transforming and launching new websites for our clients that will help them connect with more of their target audience and grow their businesses. Here’s our latest website reveal for MJP Wealth Advisors, based in Connecticut.

At the beginning of each website redesign project, we sit down and listen to the mission and values each client wants to convey to their target audience. Then we create a design to help better achieve those goals, as well as infuse tested and proven digital strategies to generate more traffic and leads to reach that audience more effectively. Learn more about our process.

It’s also important to note that we never use templates or off-the-shelf themes. Every site we create is custom to fit each client’s unique needs. The site is responsive and mobile-friendly so prospects can move through each page quickly and easily find information while they’re out and about.

MJP Wealth Advisors had a website that could benefit from a facelift. It needed a more seamless user experience with clear actionable items on each page, like call-to-action buttons. Most importantly, it needed to tell more of its story: that its team brings balance to clients’ financial lives.

The firm also wanted to showcase its awards and new employee photography as well as provide better access to client resources and the client portal. So, we got to work!

We started with the value proposition — the main point MJP wanted to convey — and made that the first statement visitors read when visiting the homepage. It’s not just about financial planning and wealth management; it’s about what kind of life clients want to live long into retirement: one that gives them the balance and freedom to make the most of every day.

BeforeThe previous home page had a call-to-action to “learn more” that was almost hidden. Now, the call-to-action is front and center and encourages users to not only learn more, but begin the process of balancing their financial life with MJP Wealth Advisors. The homepage is more about the client and less about the firm. This allows prospective clients to start to feel like the firm really understands them and what they want.

Another important item is the risk-free assessment prospects can take to get started. Instead of dedicating a page to this, which could get buried or missed, this call-to-action — which leads to the assessment — was added to the bottom of every page.

We then moved on to reorganization of the site, starting with the navigation. The pages were re-sorted under new tabs to create a beginning, middle and end to users’ paths as they move around.

As mentioned above, one of MJP Wealth Advisors’ main goals was to make the client portals and resources more accessible; so we added these items to the navigation so they can’t be missed. The resources tab also houses the blog and other tools and resources clients or prospects might need to find quickly.

Top Navigation Before

Top Navigation AfterThe services page has been streamlined with easy-to-read sections to clearly convey all service offerings. The process page maps out the path clients will take. Both these pages bring much-needed confidence and clarity to prospective clients, who are probably feeling confused about where to start.

The team page also got a major facelift, to showcase the team’s updated headshots and bios. Team pages are often one of the most highly visited pages on a site because prospects want to see who’s behind the curtain. When you’re selling services, you’re really selling your team, so giving this page a lot of love will make a positive impact on your first impression and your bottom line.

Finally, MJP Wealth Advisors wanted to easily showcase the awards and recognition they have received over the years. They have a lot to be proud of. We folded that into the About Us section. The awards section is important because it builds trust and credibility and lets other people say how awesome you are.

Thinking of redesigning your website? Here are some more of our tips to get started. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to chat more. We’d love to hear from you.