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Meet Karen, Our New Brand Coordinator!


Karen Villalta the type of person who excels at communication and building meaningful relationships. She’s found working with others allows her to continue learning and evolving. This aligns with her motto: “the more you know, the more you learn you don’t know.”  

She brings this unique skill set and passion for learning to her new role as Brand Coordinator at Out & About Communications. 

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Finding Her Passion

After studying business administration and biomedical science, Karen found herself working in a variety of industries from web design to dentistry. The common joy she found was having a client-facing role. When she realized marketing was an area where she could work directly with people while helping companies to grow, Karen went all in.

She’s thrilled about the opportunity to take this passion of working with others combined with her communication skills to help break down big-picture strategy for clients and our internal team at Out & About.

What You Can’t Tell Just From Looking at Her

While she and her husband now reside in San Diego, Karen is originally from Canada. She attended school at the University of Calgary in Alberta. She believes in continuously learning and trying new things, which is why she is currently learning how to speak Russian! 

We’re thrilled to have Karen join us! Learn more about her and the rest of our team on our team page.